Parade & Tractor Pull


Anyone wanting to be in the Hampshire County Fair Parade on July 25, 2024, is asked to show up before 6 p.m. for lineup.

The parade will start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

The parade lineup will begin at 6 p.m. on Sol Shanholtz Rd., .04 mile in Augusta, WV. Any marching group will line up at the Augusta Branch of The Bank of Romney. The parade will go west on Rt. 50 to the fairgrounds. Large vehicles will line up at Jean’s Bar and Grill (formerly Doodle’s Restaurant).

Please be aware:

Any entered Farm Tractors are limited to a driver ONLY – no other occupants will be allowed on the tractor.

Any 4-wheeler drivers in parade must be 18-years-old, possess a valid W.Va. driver’s license, wear a helmet and there may be no other riders on the 4-wheeler.

More information will be added as it becomes available.


2024 tractor pull rules for Hampshire County Fair

Registration begins at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 26. Two hooks per tractor.

Tractor pull weight class (Note: All tractors cannot exceed 5 or 12 mph – except open class)Tractor Pull International


– 4500

– 5500

– 6500 – Stock and Open

– 7500 – Stock and Open

– 8500

12 mph

– 10,500 – Stock and Open

– 13,500 – Stock and Open

– 15,500 – Stock and Open

– Gas pickups

– Diesel pickups – Stock and Open

Semi Truck Tractors


Section 1 – Antique and Classic

Tractor Pull

Pull date: Friday, July 28


  1. Classic/Farm Tractor models in production 1960 to 1972

.5mph antiques – Antique/Farm

Tractor models in production prior to 1964

  1. Pulling tractors may be entered in a maximum of 2 classes per session. Classics 3 per session.
  2. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
  3. Operator must remain seated during pull and must have complete control of the tractor at all times. All tractors must have strong rigid seats.
  4. No consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premise either before or during the contest.
  5. All weights must be secured and in the proper position. If any parts or weights fall off the tractor during the pull, the entry will be disqualified. NOTE: Bolts 2” past the tire or last weight MAX in width & front weights not to exceed 30” beyond the Bolster.
  6. The shut off switch must be operational from the drivers seat.
  7. All owners/operators will pull at their own risk.
  8. No hole digging or jerking of the sled.
  9. Engines, RPMS must not exceed factory standards plus 10%, factory fuel injection only, no multiple carbs and no nitrous oxide. These standards will be checked. All pull vehicles will be open to inspection by track officials. If there is a question of eligibility of the tractor the burden of proof is the responsibility of the operator and must be proven by factory documentation. Decision of the weighmaster and track officials is final. Exceptions may pull Exhibition only if all safety rules are satisfied.
  10. All engine fans must be shrouded with factory equivalent steel and all hood components in place.
  11. Contest open to tractors with rubber tires not to exceed one size over factory standards in width. Rim diameter must be standard. No cut tires, tread bevel of 10 degrees or more by any means measured at top of tire, no 4-wheel drive, no duals, tire studs, chains, or steel or iron treads.
  12. All tractors must have functional rear wheel brakes.
  13. All operators must wear shoes, shirts and pants.
  14. Minimum drawbar length 18” or 20” (drivers decide) from the center of rear axle to point of hook measured horizontally. Point of hook maximum height of 20-inches, not more than 1-inch in thickness, with a 3-inch diameter opening with a cross section thickness of a minimum 7/8”, pulling point may not be more than 1.5” from back edge of hitching device, and the drawbar must be rigid in all directions and parallel to the ground. The use of a 3” straight or twisted clevis is accepted.
  15. Any person who blocks the track with a tractor or other means for the purpose to delay or interfere with the event will be BARRED from participation for one year and 10 days. No one other than track officials and drivers on their tractors are permitted on the track.
  16. There will be no cash awards. Trophies or ribbons only.
  17. All entry forms must be completed and signed. Any operators under the age of 18 will require the signature of a guardian. Any operators demonstrating questionable driving skills will be challenged and track officials may refuse to hook.
  18. Antique Tractors: 1959 and prior
  19. Hook fees will be $10 per pulling entry for antiques.
  20. Decisions of pull eligibility will be determined by track officials.
  21. Maximum speed during pull 5 mph same in staging and pit area.
  22. No tractors will be left unattended with engines running.
  23. Wheelie bars are highly recommended but are not required.

Additional questions? Contact Isaac See: 304-283-2605